Movement + Meditation


Please contact me to discuss your individualized movement and meditation strategy. We will meet one on one to identify opportunities for greater personal contentment, growth and progress.

Movement & meditation could be the master keys to help you reveal your best self. Yoga as a wellness tool teaches us to inquire, to witness, and to observe rather than diagnose, fix, or judge.

My teaching methods are focused on functionality and accessibility, rooted in science. My hope is that practitioners will embody the practice of yoga in their own non-dogmatic way, to glean what they need from my teachings, and relinquish the remainder.

“It wasn’t until I found your yoga class that I started to register the feeling that has been somewhat incessantly suggested to me. Some things I pick up rather quickly but Yoga has been really difficult for me, physically and mentally. You’re so patient with us, week-to-week, and your calm, kind, completely non-egotistical delivery is the reason that I have latched onto and started to believe in yoga.” Jeffrey O., Scottsdale.

Upcoming Workshops