Testimonials from Sara's students:

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Human Movement Workshop Feedback: Excellent topic and should be a part of all yoga teacher training. Alignment is important to give muscles a mechanical advantage but a reminder or realization that everyone's body is different and can not get into every yoga pose including how they move in and out of it was really important for teachers. Excellent examples of how you related the concepts to your yoga teaching practice and your own practice. I also appreciated you real live applications and tips like being mindful about your words and not putting into somebody's mind that they are going to get hurt! Thinking about what you say and how that impacts another person. Words matter. Instructors that have been teaching may have an awakening if they keep an open mind and being willing to change the way they teach or their expectations. Beth K., Scottsdale, AZ

I've been a regular attendee of your Monday night class for about the last year. Apart from one or two experiment classes in the years before, you're my first, and for the most part, my only instructor. I started yoga with the idea of increasing my flexibility. I'm fairly active (soccer, running, hiking, cycling), and at age 49 still do most of what I want at roughly the same levels as 10 years ago, but I'm much more worried about injury and losing strength. I hadn't expected yoga to be as physically demanding, and that has been a pleasant surprise. I'd like to find more opportunities for that, increasing flexibility but also strength. I'd like to let you know that I really enjoy your class. I suspect it's not just that I enjoy practicing yoga, but more likely that my first time out I happened to get very lucky with a very good instructor. The generosity you show each night makes a remarkable impression on me, as I'm sure it does for everyone else. Thank you. Scott H., Scottsdale, AZ

 I’ve listened to personal suggestions for well over a decade of how yoga would be so good for me, and I honored them by trying out these expensive and intimidating classes. Sure I felt stretched and worked out, but I didn’t ever get what the Yogi fuss was all about. It wasn’t until I found Sara's class that I started to register the feeling that has been somewhat incessantly suggested to me. Some things I pick up rather quickly but Yoga has been really difficult for me, physically and mentally. Sara is so patient with us, week-to-week, and her calm, kind, completely non-egotistical delivery is the reason that I have latched onto and started to believe in yoga. It takes an expert to boil something complicated down to its basics, and she does that fluidly and gracefully. It’s packaged up perfectly and delivered at a pace consumable for any ability level, and somehow she still makes us sweat! We all have plenty of outlets to sweat and suffer, but from what little I understand about yoga so far, is that the real triumph is the peace of mind achieved. And that’s all Sara! It seems the crux of your job (as a teacher) is communication, and that’s no downplay one bit. Yoga aside, I think one of the most, if not the most valuable skill sets a person can obtain is communication, and Sara is clearly an expert! Sara's particular skill or flavor in communication has opened this world of Yoga to me, and I cherish that generosity. Jeffrey O., Scottsdale, AZ 

Sara is wonderful! She is an inspiring and knowledgeable instructor! Her classes are great for both your body and mind. I feel strong, challenged, and encouraged while practicing with Sara. I benefit greatly from her use of guided meditations, mantras, and breathing techniques. I've enjoyed her classes so much that I have recently started private sessions to learn more from Sara. I'm grateful to have Sara guiding me on my yoga journey! Amanda K., Scottsdale, AZ 

Excellent! Sara is a talented instructor. Her classes are well-structured. She consistently incorporates helpful information about the poses and offers modifications. Sara is very knowledgeable and generously answers questions and gives additional guidance to students. Wonderful instructor! Erin R., Scottsdale, AZ 

Sara is an absolutely fantastic yoga instructor! Her flows are consistently well constructed, and I frequently learn new modifications and movements in her class. My favorite aspect of yoga with Sara is that she incorporates input from students into her class. My specific goals include increased ankle mobility, more open hips, and an excellent handstand, and I'm incredibly pleased with the progress that I've made towards these goals in her classes. All of this, taken with her positive and open attitude, make for a dependably excellent yoga session. Go b-moved! Chris H., Tempe, AZ 

Sara is the best! She is always well-prepared with poses, sequences and music to help you find your zen! Sara keeps you safe while helping you grow in your yoga practice. Julie P., Fairbury, NE 

Barbara Schmidt agrees there are many benefits to a regular yoga practice. “It is a great stress reducer for me. I could not believe how relaxed I felt after the first time I did it. What surprised me about me it is that it is also a strength builder. Sara does a really nice job teaching the classes and gives alternate ways of doing things for people. You do not have to be a contortionist to do yoga! For me it helps being in a class with a live instructor giving directions because it helps me focus on what to do and I appreciate reminders about relaxing parts of my body.  Sara also has a very calming voice and it helps me to put other thoughts out of my mind.  I also like not doing the same thing every time like you would with a video and there is no personal touch with a video.”

 Sara is so talented! She is extremely knowledgeable about yoga and the correct forms to use. She truly finds a modification for every single body type, so her classes are suitable for everyone. Her classes are not only a great form of exercise, but a great way to clear your mind of negativity and stress. She is encouraging and supportive regardless of whether you're new to yoga or have been doing it for years. Highly recommend her! ~ Ashley

Thank-you, Sara for offering yoga classes in Fairbury. You are a wonderful mentor and teacher and your classes are fun, educational and beneficial. Your teaching method is one of gentleness and grace and it has been a pleasure to be introduced to the craft by you. Your classes provide a very important element to the quality of life in our community, making it an essential part of “The Good Life.” J. Katz – Fairbury.com

What's great about B-Moved Yoga....you are an awesome instructor/guide. I've practiced with other groups over the years, and you by far are THE BEST! Yoga has helped in my running, toning and over-all mental health! I'm grateful to be able to practice under your instruction! Loving your new location too! Thanks again for your time and passion for the practice! - Alicia

I really can't remember how many years ago I started attending Sara's yoga classes, but I can say this, I was hooked from the very first class!!!  I love to stay active and fit and yoga is a fabulous way to do accomplish just that!!  With yoga there is absolutely no competition, its just me working to improve myself.  We all have our good days when we feel like a rock star and also our bad days when just getting to class is an accomplishment and yoga is the perfect match for either as all the moves can be modified to fit where you are physically.  Yoga is perfect for attaining that inner peace we all crave.  It shuts out all the "noise" from the day and brings a "quietness" that helps me regain my focus. Sara's B-Fit Express class is amazing!!  Its a great way to pack a lot of fitness and toning into 20 minutes.  This class followed by yoga is a complete workout!!!! Thanks Sara for all the time and effort you put into helping me attain my physical goals! - Denise

I have been attending exercise classes for many years, but am fairly new to the practice of yoga.  I truly enjoy my time in Sara’s class and feel the combination of B-fit and B-moved Yoga is the perfect exercise routine for me.  B-fit is high intensity workout that is challenging and effective, and Sara is great at offering variations so I am comfortable with finding the move that is just right for me.  We then have 10 minutes to cool down and get ready for yoga.  Sara’s yoga class is a great combination of mental relaxation, controlled breathing, balance and strength.  I have improved so much from the time I first tried her beginner class and really enjoy the variety of poses she introduces each week.  I am much more confident to try some of the more difficult moves but am also comfortable choosing a less difficult variation she offers.  There is no feeling of competition or measuring up to someone else’s level or ability.  I am so glad I tried her beginner class and I will continue attending and recommending her classes.  - Jacki

I look forward to attending yoga class.  I love the way my mind AND body feel after each session.  One hour devoted to my mental and physical health changes my attitude and outlook in a positive way! - Anne

“Taking Sara’s B-Moved yoga class is literally a mini-vacation for my mind and body,” Tiffany Schoenrock, said. “I started doing yoga at home with DVDs and I really enjoyed it. I was hesitant to take a class because I don’t enjoy working out in front of people but I thought I would give it a try. Just like when you are on a vacation and you are totally relaxed because you don’t have to worry about picking up the kitchen or doing the laundry, taking Sara’s yoga class is like that. Being out of my home, if only for an hour, to concentrate only on myself is very rewarding. I’m able to focus much better on the poses and stretches and really take away the benefit of practicing yoga. Let me also mention that while at class I don’t have to worry about my 5-year-old or 1-year-old crawling under me as if I’m a bridge when I am in downward dog pose.”

Sherry Vetch said about B-Fit Express "I only have great things to say about your classes. I love how I am seeing some new abs appear in my stomach area so whatever your doing I'm seeing in results. I like the stations because it gives you variety but I think doing the repetitive for longer time works those muscles more and I feel like I am working more. If I had to pick I would like the repetitive workouts more. Thanks again for your classes and helping me keep motivated. I feel great and I really like my results." And about yoga Sherry says, "I have enjoyed classes with Sara for a long time! I have become more flexible and more in tune with my body. I have learned to be in focus with breathing techniques and calming of the body. I would really recommend this class to anyone who wants to try something new and wants to learn about what your body can really do."

 Angie Judd is pleased with her experience in Sara's class - “Yoga is a great way to improve your core strength, while relaxing your mind and relieving stress. Sara does a great job helping each of us with technique and she always shows modifications to accommodate all levels from beginner to experienced.”